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Myriadne Wang

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Myriadne (Changhuan) Wang is a doctoral researcher funded by SOAS Research Studentship in the Department of History, Religions and Philosophy Department at SOAS, University of London. She is working on Indo-Iranian studies and her PhD project is on the subordinating clauses introduced by conjunctions in Avestan language, in which both semantic analysis and formal aspects of hypotaxis shall be examined, with a comparative look at that in Vedic Sanskrit and other Indo-European languages. She is currently helping with annotating the manuscripts of the Multimedia Yasna (MUYA) Project.

In 2022, Myriadne completed the MA degree Near and Middle Eastern Studies and was awarded a Distinction for her dissertation on Avestan text of Yasna 51 (Vohuxšaθrā Gāθā) and their Sanskrit and Middle Persian versions. Before coming to SOAS, Myriadne obtained a history degree at Fudan University (Shanghai) with a dissertation on cosmological hymns in Ṛgveda Book Ten. She has published a few articles in Chinese on Ṛgveda and is also currently collaborating in a project on the first scholarly Chinese translation of Ṛgveda.


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