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International Partnerships

Yoga and Meditation Education in China

The SOAS University of London has partnered with Iyengar Yogashala China, YogaMālā, Yoga Journal China, and Yogasala China to produce the Yoga and Meditation Education Certificate. This certificate has been designed as an innovative, educational programme for Yoga teachers and practitioners in China to access world-leading scholars in the field of yoga and meditation studies.

We are delighted to announce that the inaugural programme will commence in October 2022.

The Yoga and Meditation Education Certificate includes almost 270 hours of educational learning that is a mix of pre-recorded lectures, flexible, online seminars and direct, in-person learning.

All of the programme material will be delivered in English by SOAS Faculty with professional translation into Mandarin Chinese by the YogaMala team. With the exception of the in-person visits by SOAS Faculty to China, all of the lectures and seminars will take place on the YogaMala online learning platform.

Successful completion of all assessments will result in the award of a Certificate of Completion from SOAS University of London, YogaStudies Online. This certificate is non-credit bearing.

The programme aims to explore the origins and historical development of yoga and meditation in India from ancient times to the modern world. Two core modules in the certificate programme include the: “The Origins and Development of Yoga in Ancient India” and “Buddhist Meditation in India.” In addition, several seminars will cover perspectives, context, and methodologies designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the fascinating thematic components and cross-regional perspectives.

This certificate programme is structured over an entire calendar year and includes:

  • Four introductory live seminars (2 hours per seminar).
  • A total of forty-two (42) pre-recorded lectures per Academic year.
  • A total of forty-two (42) live seminars per Academic year.
  • Two in-person seminars with SOAS Faculty Members visiting China for three (3) days, which will include six hours per day.

The programme is designed for students who:

  • are experienced practitioners of yoga and meditation who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural contexts that shaped their traditions.
  • have a background in psychology seeking to gain knowledge of meditation and mindfulness for their clinical work.
  • are planning to pursue further research which may involve, at a subsequent stage, the acquisition of a doctoral degree and a career in higher education.
  • will pursue a career or professional activity for which advanced knowledge of the yoga and meditation traditions of Asia is required.
  • seek to pursue the academic study of these traditions as a complement to their personal experience.

For enrolment information, please visit: YogaMala China

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